Plumbing is one of those elements of a home we take for granted until something goes wrong, and then it becomes a major headache. The worst part about a broken pipe is that you often don’t notice the problem until it’s too late and your home has been damaged substantively. If you are thinking about filing an insurance claim related to damaged plumbing, first call Murray & Associates, to get the information you need to get the most out of the process.

How Do I Know if My Plumbing Is Damaged?

As we mentioned, damaged plumbing is not always apparent right away. You can often spot the marks of broken pipes before realizing that something is wrong. Some of the most common signs you might have a plumbing issue include:

  • Swollen wood components or warped laminated flooring
  • Cracked tile flooring
  • Unfamiliar or odd smells around your house
  • Mold on the walls without an apparent source

What Should I Do if I Discover a Plumbing Issue in My Home?

Your first step should always be to take every measure necessary to prevent further damage to your home. Many insurance contracts require a homeowner to stop other harm to the property as soon as a problem is discovered as part of the requirements for upholding the claim.

Furthermore, you should document every aspect of the process as thoroughly as possible. This means taking pictures, securing relevant documents relating to the contractors, and take video if possible. If you hire a contractor, don’t throw away any parts they replace until the insurance claim process is over, as many insurers will want to inspect the damaged elements.

Do You Have Damaged Plumbing in Your Florida Home?

Any property damage can bring undue stress and anxiety to a homeowner. At Murray & Associates, our job is to make the insurance process stress-free while ensuring the best possible outcomes. Call us today to learn more!

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