Cast Iron Pipes

Plumbing systems have evolved quite a lot over the last few decades. With new technology and construction methods, we’ve found ways to make plumbing more sustainable and longer-lasting. Unfortunately, owners of older houses might be stuck with outdated cast iron piping that can be dangerous and break easily. If your home has cast iron pipes and they’ve been recently damaged, contact Murray & Associates to learn about what your next step should be.

What are the Dangers of Cast Iron Pipes?

If your home was built before 1975, it would likely contain a plumbing system made from cast iron. This outdated technology is riddled with limitations that can present some serious problems for homeowners. Perhaps the biggest issue with cast iron is its propensity for developing corrosion. Not only does this lead to breaks, leaks, and water damage, but it also presents a potential health risk for your family.

Will My Insurance Cover Damage to Cast Iron Pipes?

This largely depends on the specifics of your insurance plan. However, most insurance providers do cover complete replacement, which is excellent news. Remember, the pipes themselves are inexpensive, but the labor of removing old lines and putting in new work can definitely push a budget.

What Determines My Coverage?

  • Size of your home
  • Depth of the pipe
  • Materials
  • Total piping that needs to be replaced

Do You Have Broken Cast Iron Pipes in Your Florida Home?

Murray & Associates will help you secure the coverage you deserve from your insurance provider. Call our office and find out more about your options!

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