Fire Damage

A fire is one of the scariest catastrophes that can happen in a home. Not only are fires dangerous, but they are also unforgiving and can destroy just about every type of property. To make things worse, insurance companies often deny perfectly valid claims because it is in their best interest to limit the payout. At Murray & Associates, we are committed to helping you obtain your fair and due compensation in your fire damage claim.

What Should I Do if a Fire has Damaged My Home?

As is the case in any instance of property loss, there are a few steps you should take as soon as possible to ensure a quick process:

  • Document all the damage carefully – remember that smoke and ash can cause partial damage that might not be easily accessible or noticeable, so you must take a comprehensive appraisal of your home.
  • Contact a legal expert – this will help you understand the insurance claims process and connect you to the right professionals you’ll need to evaluate the extent of the damage. Not seeking legal assistance could mean missing out on substantial compensation.
  • File a claim as soon as possible – time is of the essence in cases of property loss. The longer the time frame between the damage and the claim, the less likely you’ll be to exercise the full extent of your coverage.

Who Needs to Inspect My Home After Fire Damage? 

Ideally, your property should go through two rounds of inspection. First, your insurer will assign an adjuster to review the damage to your home. However, you should always have a certified professional conduct a comprehensive inspection because they will note damage that non-professionals might miss.

Has a Fire Damaged Your Home?

The attorneys at Murray & Associate will review your insurance policy and negotiate on your behalf to get the maximum coverage from your policy. Reach out to our office today to request a consultation!

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