Denied Health Insurance

The purpose of medical insurance is to alleviate the financial stress from the already anxiety-inducing process of undergoing a medical procedure. But what happens when a treatment you thought was covered suddenly returns as a denied claim? Our team at Murray & Associates has extensive experience in dealing with insurance companies. We can help you identify the failings of your insurer and combat a denied health insurance claim.

Why Might My Healthcare Insurance Deny a Claim?

Healthcare coverage can be denied for a wide range of reasons. These range from plain human error to an overextension of what is covered by your insurance. Common causes for denials include:

  • Late filing
  • Non-payment of deductible
  • Coding errors or omissions during diagnosis or procedure
  • The procedure is deemed not necessary
  • Insufficient pre-certification
  • Insufficient authorization
  • Complex medical prescriptions

How Can an Attorney Help?

Our attorneys understand how insurance companies work and the rationale they use for denying claims. We can evaluate your case, the reason for denial, and investigate the validity of your insurer’s position. There are several tactics insurance companies use, and after years of representing clients for claims like these, we can spot the patterns and create a legal plan that accomplishes your goals.

What Can I Do as a Client to Improve My Chances?

Information is your most potent weapon in a denied health insurance claim. Ultimately it will be up to a trained legal expert to review the case and identify how to approach the denial. As a client, you’ll improve your odds of success by carefully documenting every aspect of the process.

From letters sent from your insurer to copies of medical bills and saving every electronic communication – the more information you have for an attorney to use, the better your chances at accomplishing a successful claim.

Have You Been Denied Health Insurance Coverage?

It’s your insurer’s responsibility to look out for your best interest. When they fail, Murray & Associates is here to give you the legal guidance you need to contest a denial of coverage. Call us today to get started!

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