Emergency Mitigation Services

Emergency and natural disasters can take a substantial toll on your property. However, that damage can become exponentially worse if you don’t act right away. Our team at Murray & Associates can connect you to certified emergency mitigation professionals after a storm, fire, or similar peril.

What are Emergency Mitigation Services?

Emergency mitigation services refers to any number of actions that reduce or eliminate damage or hazard caused by a disaster. These services can range from dry out services after a flood to sanitation treatments if there is a spillage of sewage into a home or business. Other common types of emergency mitigation services may include:

  • Electronic recovery
  • Debris removal
  • Emergency board-up

Why Would I Need Emergency Mitigation Services?

After any disaster, time is of the essence if you want to minimize your future costs. Emergency mitigation can help prevent further harm to your home which can complicate your living situation, harm more of your property, and strain your budget.

How Do Emergency Mitigation Services Help Your Insurance Claim?

Most insurance policies require policyholders to take any necessary steps to prevent further damage after a disaster. Not taking the steps could result in a reduction in compensation or possible denial of a claim altogether. Therefore, emergency mitigation services not only save your property, but they can also improve the payout of an insurance claim.

Want to Learn More About Emergency Mitigation Services in Florida?

Murray & Associates has a vast network of trusted contractors that can help protect your most valuable assets after an emergency. Give our office a call today to learn more!

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